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We analyze your requirements - data, strategy, and execution. We then make recommendations based on our findings to help you implement solutions.



 � Usability Analysis

Software is expensive! Shouldn't you make sure the end product actually contributes to your bottom line? We know how to do that.

Functional Analysis

Many users are unable to articulate their entire need because they are not versed in what is possible. By observing users in their environment, we get tremendous insights into how they go about completing their task. Whether it is an e-commerce site, an intranet, or an internal desktop application, the qualitative information gathered from these observations provide us, and your users, with relevant findings and product/feature suggestions that will help crystallize the goals of your project.

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Focus Group

A focus group is a session in which current or potential customers are gathered to give opinions on material that is presented to them. These relatively informal sessions can provide the context of untainted feedback on your product direction. We organize and conduct focus groups with an audience matching your customer profile.



Professionals Association

Promoting the design and development of usable products for human-computer interaction (HCI).


The world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.


Sql Server World User Group


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