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We analyze your requirements - data, strategy, and execution. We then make recommendations based on our findings to help you implement solutions.



 � Functional Analysis Is Critical

Handler & Associates offers Functional Analysis for all your I.T. solutions.

Considered by many to be the missing link between I.T. solutions and ROI, Functional Analysis is essential to any software solution.

What is Functional Analysis?

Functional Analysis consists of two main components: Systems Analysis and the Human Computer Interface (HCI).
What is HCI?
Functional Analysis vs. System Analysis

Why is it missing in your organization?

Programmers develop most software interfaces. This is analogous to a plumber doing you interior decorating, and the results are ordinarily less than desirable. Usability and design are behavioral issues, not technical ones.

Successful Functional Analysis is dependent on the Usability Model, a major component of HCI. In larger software projects utilizing the Usability Model, the initial design focuses on a usable interaction between the user and the software. Individuals who have a Masters or Ph. D. in Experiment Psychology are typically responsible for this phase of the project. However, as the Usability Model continues to grow due to its empirical support, the Usability Engineer is appearing. Trained in the use of the Usability Model, some formal training in Experimental Psychology and with a basic understanding of human behavior, these engineers hold the key to more efficient software and realizing true ROI.

So, who IS doing your initial design?




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Promoting the design and development of usable products for human-computer interaction (HCI).


The world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.


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