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 • Project Summaries

 • Inventory Management System with BOM capabilities.

NEED: Inventory database with BOM capabilities and a front-end application that would allow in-house (non-I.T.) staff to manage the database, create their own functionality and reports as needed.

SOLUTION: Database design was completed using a automated MicroSoft Excel workbook using VBA. While more sophistcated tools exist for database design, Excel was choosen because the client was deeply involved in the initial design. Excel made it possible for the client to work with the design as they wished. Database was build with Sql Server. Access .ADP application used as Admin module to allow staff to do data entry, create custome reports and do general database maintenance without the need for a dedicate I.T. person. Incorporated into the database was a dictated nomenclature and rules. Training in the proper use of the Access .ADP was given to the in-house staff. Training included: how to maintain a RDBS, create view, to bulk updates and creating intuitive forms.

TOOLS: Access .ADP, MSDE, SQL Server 2000, ADO.NET, Excel VBA.


 • Custom Product Configurator.

NEED: Client desired an web application that would configure custom products using parameters supplied by customers. As products where configurated, business rules would be invoked based on materials selected, physical dimension of the product, current inventory, shipping limitations and marketing objectives. Other requirements included on-line payment, sales receipt, parts list, BOM, and Spec Sheets for the construction of the custom product(s).

SOLUTION: Default product configurations and materials could be easily changed by in-house staff. Depending on users role, permissions, and task required, manipulation of the database could be accomplish using a web interface or an Access .adp front-end applicaiton.

A SOAP web service was created to allow affiliates to host this service on their own sites.

TOOLS: Access .ADP, SQL Server 2000, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Excel VBA.



Creation of company intranet
I.T. support and training: Microsoft Office application, Excel macros, relational database fundaments.
Automated backups using Windows Resouce Kit.
Migration of web site to more reliable hosting provider.
Migration of Access .mdb to SQL Server.
Creation of new SQL Server database designed from scratch include a nomenclature and standards build into the design.
Web application to interact with database.

SOLUTION: [not enough space here]

TOOLS: Access .ADP, SQL Server 2000, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Excel VBA, Windows Resource Kit, Windows Scripting Host.


 • Day Trading System

NEED: Automated system to scan closing price of stocks, identify stock about to make a reversal in price, and send automatically notification when such stock patterns are found.

SOLUTION: Using VBA scripts, end-of-day stock prices are downloaded from data provider, price patterns are scanned for Japanese Candlestick patterns. If a pattern is found, scripts call a web page that builds a list of current subscribed members from a database, and e-mails the pattern alerts to them.

TOOLS: ASP, ADO, Excel VBA, Access.


 • Document Management System

NEED: A major corporation was keep procedure documents in MS Word format. Some had been moved to MS Excel because users had trouble maintaining the proper formatting in MS Word. Additional problems arose when attempting to retrieve documents due to the lack of consistency in filenames.

SOLUTION: Created MS Word templates with automated VBA scripts, trained document managers to use templates and property fields. Custom property fields were created to hold information users were likely to intuitively think of when looking for particular documents thus making document retrieval more efficient. A catalog of all documents was created with Index Server. An intranet application consisting of ASP pages was created to give user a single access point from which to search for documents.

TOOLS: ASP, ADO, Word VBA, Index Server


 • B2B Portal

NEED: Client wished to create a portal for the manufacturing industry that would act as a repository for Certified Material Test Reports.

SOLUTION: Converted initial design from random access file format to RDMS using a SQL Server 7.0 database. Created website using ASP and ActiveX objects to control all necessary site functionality: permission, membership, report generation, nightly uploading and validation of customs' files. Worked closely with manufactures who served as beta testers

TOOLS: ASP, ADO, Dreamweaver, Sql Server 7.0, Excel VBA, Word VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, XML.


 • HR Performance Review System

NEED: An HR department was required to conduct yearly performance reviews for all employees. The process consisted of passing a printed form back-and-forth between the employee, the employee's supervisor, and the HR department. Eventually, the forms were manually typed into electronic files, which required the temporary staffing of 10 to 12 data entry people. Any statistical reports HR wished to compile had to be done manually.

SOLUTION: An automated MS Word document was created to take the place of the printed form. All parties involved could retrieve the latest copy of the review off the company's intranet, and make the necessary updates at their convenience. Once the review was done, a VBA application was used to extract data from the form and stuff the information into an MS Access database. Statistics were then compiled used and Excel VBA workbook.

TOOLS: DAO, Access, Excel VBA, and Word VBA.


 • On-line Dating Site

NEED: Client wished to create an on-line astrological dating site.

SOLUTION: Astronomical algorithms and interpretations for each astrological event were researched and secured by Handler & Associates. We also worked with the client to define business rules and marketing strategies.

TOOLS: ASP, Access, Sql Server and Dreamweaver.






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