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We analyze your requirements - data, strategy, and execution. We then make recommendations based on our findings to help you implement solutions.



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We offer both ongoing project-based user experience design services as well as on demand design support. Our areas of expertise include:

Overall GUI Design

We have tremendous experience in web as well as desktop software applications.

Product Concepts

Have an idea? We can bring your idea to life with prototypes that will appeal to potential customers, internal organizations, or investors. We can start with your vision and craft a tangible product direction that can bring credibility and value to your ideas.

Software Design

With the huge investment of time, resources, and money it takes to bring your ideas to fruition, doesn't it make sense to design a meaningful experience for your users that allows them to complete their tasks in the most efficient manner possible, and reduce those calls to the helpdesk?

Closed-Circuit Prototyping

There is no part of the process more important than correct prototyping. Our closed-circuit prototyping prohibits any actual programming until the prototype is agreed upon by all parties involved.

Paper prototype

Useful in quickly finding holes in the feature set, seeing what controls need to be presented when, and can be used as the basis for focus groups and early usability testing. Putting one together causes a very quick and focused design process to take place. It also provides a great way to get feedback on product direction without letting the discussion get bogged down on how things look.

Interactive Prototyping

There are times when nothing short of an interactive prototype will do. It enables much richer testing, can convey an understanding of how things will feel in actual use, and is suitable for demos to customers and potential customers. After experimenting with different prototyping tools, we have found Microsoft PowerPoint to work the best. While prototyping can be done with the actual tools you plan to build your software with such as Visual Basic or ASP, the ever-present temptation to actually begin programming during the prototyping phase is too great of a risk. Tools build specifically for prototyping will guarantee your project does not accidentally slip into the production phase, but they are not accessible to the user-a major disadvantage.

PowerPoint is on nearly every desktop, and nearly all users are familiar with it. This allows the potential users of your software to experiment with the software's flow on their own. This provides indispensable feedback!



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Promoting the design and development of usable products for human-computer interaction (HCI).


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