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We analyze your requirements - data, strategy, and execution. We then make recommendations based on our findings to help you implement solutions.



 � Personalized Training

OUR DIFFERENCE: It is not what we teach, but how we teach it.

We don't show you what the program can do; we show you how to use it to get your job done.

Our training consists of training one, two, or three individuals at a time. The amount of information retained in small groups, and the ability to give the student the specific information needed to do the job are both greatly heightened and cost less than tradition classroom training. You simply get the best value for your money with HAI's personalized training.

· FACT: An individual can only assimilate two hours of new information per day. We keep our sessions limited to two hours. This allows the individual to assimilate the information, and gives them time to think of pertinent questions to ask during the next session.

· FACT: An individual retains information that relates to real-world tasks they perform. Classroom instruction, because of the variety of problems and needs of the class members, presents the students with much information that does not relate to the tasks of each individual; therefore, some essential, as well as non-essential, information is lost. We provide only information that will be useful to the tasks the individual needs to perform.

· FACT: Classroom instruction benefits the company providing the training while your people go home retaining only a scant memory of a few specifics or concepts. We sacrifice the large profits of classroom instruction, and put our focus on making sure your people learn and retain useful information that will be of significant help.




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