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To put it into one sentence, HCI aims at making data exchange between people and machines less stressful and less prone to misunderstandings, and thus increase efficiency of tasks that involve both: The human and the computer.

HCI research leads to a formalization of usability that is systematically enhanced and empirically supported. Moreover, from the scientific approach evolves a variety of tools and techniques that aid in the development of better interfaces. These are often suitable for immediate application in commercial software engineering, where usability should actually be regarded as a crucial factor.

Some years ago, the only application for computers was number crunching, and there were only a handful of specialists who had to deal with the programming and problems of the early machines.

Now, computer power is strong, small, and cheap, and non-expert users are no longer the exception, but the rule. In this situation, HCI is where you can increase efficiency. Usability determines if a personal computer application becomes successful, if a new technology will gain acceptance by the masses, if technical advancements will pay in practice.

Taking into account maintenance, training, and efficiency, the usability of a system has major impact on its total cost of ownership! Or in other words: "The cost justification for usability is very strong."

Does it really matter?



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